VPS Hosting Versus Cloud Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and Cloud hosting are similar in that they both cater to the same types of businesses. But the basic difference lies on the fact that VPS hosting is good for beginning and intermediate level customers because it is affordable and has a decent level of functionality; while Cloud hosting is highly recommended for advanced users because it can handle the increase in traffic and has a great range of functions.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting offers full configuration, administration and customization as if you had a dedicated server on your own. With VPS hosting, all available resources are configured within your virtualized hardware limits. As its name suggests, a VPS Hosting is very much like having your private web server; so you have full control of your space. No sharing with other customers.

Cloud hosting, is very much similar with VPS hosting but the resources are dependent on your usage. The good thing, however, is that this model allows resources to be shared, including bill usage. Still, cloud hosting differs from shared hosting and VPS hosting in that this model is designed to share resources that result to high resource availability.

Optimization and Flexibility

VPS hosting offers a fixed solution based on the resources you have purchased. VPS purchased resources include:

  • Processor Speed
  • Memory
  • Disk Space

Cloud hosting may escalate based on your usage. Depending on your usage, you may be billed according to your usage for:

  • CPU Usage
  • Bandwidth
  • Memory Utilization

Security, Control and Customization

VPS hosting offers you with full control and customization of your web space. Security and control are two of the unique characteristics of VPS hosting. Since VPS hosting is similar in nature to dedicated hosting, the system is isolated and controlled; thus highly secure. Also your data is secured within a defined partition on the server.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is highly flexible in that resources are equally distributed in many servers; thus, continuously available. With this model, you are never sure where your data is stored at any given time. In fact, your data could be stored in many different cloud machines. Unlike VPS hosting, you may never have full control of your data with Cloud hosting.


VPS hosting is billed on a monthly rate. This may be an advantage if you don’t have much experience with web hosting in general. The monthly rate is calculated on the resources you have purchased like backups, disk space, CPU, memory and other features. The following are the benefits of VPS monthly billing:

  • Ideal for predictable and small traffic
  • Fixed billing

Cloud hosting is billed depending your monthly usage and is usually never fixed. The reason why billing is not fixed is that the number and types of users who access your account or applications vary from time to time, thus you are usually charged at per minute rates. The following are the benefits Cloud hosting billing:

  • Ideal for unpredictable usage
  • High availability

Whatever your needs are, it may be good to first evaluate the basic difference between VPS hosting and Cloud hosting. Both methods have their unique advantages, and it is up to you to decide which hosting is best for you.

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