Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The phrase “cloud hosting” has caught the eye of the web developers around the world. Yet, as the underlying ideas of cloud technologies are dated back to the 60s. Even with the phrase initially coming into commercial usage within the 90s, there’s still a good deal of confusion surrounding the benefits and capabilities of cloud hosting.

Generally, Cloud Hosting means your site is running on multiple connected servers. Instead of being limited to a single server like most traditional hosting services (shared hosting or dedicated), your website is now on multiple servers. This means the processing power to host your site is almost unlimited as you can always add a new server to scale up performance.

Scalability and affordability are the two main benefits to using Cloud Hosting.

Scalability refers to the fact that Cloud Hosting can handle increased server load in a seamless fashion. This is done through the use of load balancing technologies and adding new hardware or upgrades. With Cloud Hosting, you don’t have to worry about a single server crashing and taking down your site, because there are always an additional server that can pick up the slack. This means your site should rarely (if ever) experience any slowdowns or crashes.

With traditional shared hosting, if your site happens to use more than 10% of the server CPU for more than 60-90 seconds, you will probably get your account suspended automatically and asked to upgrade your account or move it to another host. This shouldn’t happen with Cloud Hosting.

Affordability is another big benefit of using Cloud Hosting. Most cloud hosting plans only charge users based on the amount of computing power used. If you don’t use that much power in general, then you don’t have to pay as much. It’s just like paying your home utility bill.

Cloud hosting costs are also going way down as the technology gets more advanced. Some cloud hosting companies like SiteCloud are offering plans that are as cheap as regular shared hosting plans. So when looking for reliable and scalable hosting, make sure to include Cloud hosting plans in your search.

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