Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Prior to going over the advantages of reseller hosting, it’s required to understand exactly what reseller hosting is. Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where you, the account owner can split up your allotted bandwidth and hard drive space and resell hosting yourself. Basically it acts as the middleman between the parent web hosting company and yourself. You should have some understanding of how web hosting works to start. So here are some benefits of reseller hosting.

Revenue Stream Generation

Reseller web hosting allows you to create a revenue stream generation for small businesses which do not possess the money, time or resources to keep up their own data centers and servers. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to develop a stand-alone business undertaking and if you have the marketing expertise, you can make some nice profits selling web hosting.

As the reseller, you will be leasing time on your server, so make sure you choose a server which works for you in terms of stability and price.

Hands-Off Customer Support

Troubleshooting any customer support issues with your reseller hosting will be the responsibility of the host, not you. Thus, a reseller can focus on things such as marketing and getting more customers rather than having to dedicate most of their time to server administration tasks. This means you don’t have to hire your own support staff and have more free time yourself.

More Scalable

As you get more and more customers signed up for your hosting, and they begin to consume more resources than you can handle, it’s quite simple to contact your reseller hosting customer support and upgrade your hosting plan. There’s no need for you to handle upgrading your own servers yourself which is quite a challenge if you’re not familiar with the task.

No matter what kind of business you have, you may benefit by providing reseller hosting. Reseller hosting will enable you to sell inexpensive web hosting plans to your own clients. Or if you want, you can take advantage of the extra resources for your own sites. While selling web hosting is not for everyone, reseller hosting is definitely something to consider if you are.

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