Benefits of Shared Hosting

If you’re not looking to host the next Amazon, shared hosting is probably good enough for most people. With the shared hosting, the server your site is on will be shared by many other sites. As your site develops and starts to require more resources, you could upgrade later to a VPS or Dedicated web hosting plan.

A majority of shared hosting servers run on Linux, indeed, many web-servers within the world, dedicated or not, run on Linux. Why is that? First, it’s extremely stable, and needs little resources that need to be utilized when serving the webpages. Second, it’s absolutely free and opensource so there’s little outlay in the beginning. Shared hosting possesses these benefits:

Cost Effective

Because of the fact that they can host many sites on a single web server, web hosting companies can offer low cost shared web hosting services. Usually, the price is between $3 to $10 a month for a shared web hosting plan. Cut throat competition within the web hosting field has brought on plans that offer unrestricted disk space and bandwidth, although please be wary about what this means. With most shared hosting plans, you can host as many sites on the server as you wish and this is because of advances within server technology as well as the increase in availability of internet bandwidth.

More Features

Shared hosting accounts usually provide you with all the software you need since one software license is enough for a single server. If you had purchased the software yourself, license charges could cost you a lot of money. This permits you to keep the website up to date on the cutting edge with streaming media and SSL certificates, that you’re paying a part of. You’ll also be able to install your favorite blog software like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. If you work with Ruby on Rails, most shared hosting supports this technology as well.

More Manageable

Another reason to get shared hosting is that you have professionals who are monitoring the server twenty-four hours a day. In case something goes awry, they will take care of everything. Going with the shared hosting route will save you a lot of money spent on employing somebody to manage a dedicated server. Unless you’re very tech savvy, VPS servers and dedicated servers are much more complicated to run than with shared hosting.


With the Internet becoming more resilient, routers being more advanced as well as server technology growing at a record pace, shared hosting performance is increasing. Sure, it will never be as fast as a VPS or Dedicated hosting, but for most people that’s ok. Most people’s blogs and small business run very smoothly on shared hosting servers.

As you can see, there are many benefits to going with shared hosting. It’s affordable and it works for the majority of website owners. Make sure to check out our reviews of the best shared hosting companies and pick the right web host for you.

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