Benefits of VPS Hosting

Virtual private server hosting is a hybrid between dedicated and shared hosting and provides many solid advantages to users looking for a step up to their basic shared hosting accounts. VPS hosting works by creating virtual partitions on the server, permitting every account to possess its own server space without affecting other users that are hosted there. This gives you the advantage of being more affordable than dedicated hosting, while still giving you additional flexibility, access to dedicated resources, increased performance and stability compared to shared hosting.


For the small to medium businesses, VPS hosting offers a better cost effective answer to dedicated hosting. Oftentimes, businesses require more than shared hosting is able to offer. Prior to virtual private server hosting coming along, the sole choice was dedicated hosting which can be quite expensive. Utilizing VPS hosting permits businesses to appreciate the full advantages of the dedicated server, with a price more comparable with shared hosting, thus solving any limitations versus cost problems which were faced previously.


Your “own” server will mean you’ll possess the freedom to select the operating system utilized to run it. You could opt to install Windows or Linux upon the server. If you’re not very computer savvy, you could choose a managed virtual private server hosting solution that will handle every bit of the technical aspects for you. If you wish to have full control over the VPS hosting environment, you could go with an unmanaged VPS.

Access to Dedicated Resources

When you possess your own server with virtual private server hosting, you’ll possess your own set of resources, which means you’ll have access to more RAM, more CPU time, as well as more disk space for storage than you would have with a shared plan.

Increased Performance

You should see your site’s performance increase compared with the shared hosting, due to you no longer needing to share your resources with many other accounts. Your site visitors will appreciate quicker loading times which make the user experience on your site much better.

If your site doesn’t load rapidly enough your visitors are likely to click away, often to a competitors site. If this occurs, it will be very difficult to get them back. Users are quite impatient in general, so the quicker your website loads, the better.


With the shared hosting, traffic and other tasks from other websites on your same server have the potential to adversely have an affect your site performance. With VPS hosting, nothing any of the other accounts a server does will have an affect on your site. Stability is one of the most important factors when choosing any web host. Having your sites up 24/7 is extremely vital and one reason to go with VPS hosting.

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