cPanel versus Plesk

cPanel and Plesk are two of the most popular web hosting control panels out there. Most people are most familiar with cPanel since it’s the control panel of choice for most web hosting providers. But Plesk definitely has its fans as well. So in this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of using cPanel and Plesk.

cPanel Pros

  • Fast and efficient on most web hosts. Does not require use of an external database.
  • Lots of features and very extendable. Integrates with with third party scripts like Fantastico, RV Skins and CFS firewall.
  • Good reseller report with WHM. Allow you to create your own packages, manage accounts, monitor resource usage and more.
  • Most popular control panel. This means more clients are used to the interface, and less support request you have to answer.
  • Excellent support. If you ever run into issues, cPanel support is very responsive.

cPanel Cons

  • Only available for Linux platforms.
  • Hard to maintain. Frequent updates and packages.

Plesk Pros

  • Cluster Support – maintain several servers from a single place.
  • Cross platform – works on both Windows and Linux.
  • Integrates with Windows services like Microsoft SQL server.
  • Plesk is cheaper ($800 for unlimited domain license).

Plesk Cons

  • Does not integrate with non-Microsoft products
  • Slower load times – more sluggish, especially on Linux
  • Interface is harder to use and customize

If you’re on a shared hosting account, then you really don’t have much choice as to what control panel you use. The best shared hosting companies like Hostgator all seem to use cPanel.

However, if you are purchasing a VPS hosting account, you will usually get a choice of what control panel to use. And that’s where knowing the pros and cons of cPanel vs Plesk will come in handy.

Personally, I much prefer using cPanel to Plesk. But a lot of it comes down to personal preference as well. Since I’m more comfortable with the cPanel interface, I can find the things I need to get to much easier. Plus, with more people using cPanel, it’s easier to find help when you run into problems.

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