Hostgator VPS Review

Not only does Hostgator offer superb shared hosting plans, but their VPS hosting packages offer excellent value as well. You’ll get the same great support, to go with the increased power that VPS hosting provides.

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Hostgator VPS Plans

If you order a Hostgator VPS, you have several different plans (or levels) to choose from. There are 2 semi-managed levels, and 7 fully manage levels. Levels 1 and 2 are semi-managed which means that you don’t get cPanel access and Hostgator admins will only handle hardware, OS, or basic configuration issues on your server. These are the two cheapest plans starting at $19.95 and $29.95 respectively.

Level 3 and above packages are fully managed which means Hostgator will handle and issue or configuration request you may have, except for custom software installs. These start at $39.95 and give you Plesk (free for first year) or cPanel (extra $10 per month). Their Level 3 VPS package gives you 1.13 GHz CPU, and 768 MB RAM which is more than enough resources for most small business websites. It’s extremely easy to move up a level as your traffic increases. Each higher level gives you extra CPU, RAM, Disk space, and bandwidth resources for your server.

Hostgator VPS are powered by Dell PowerEdge Servers with CentOS Linux installed. You’ll get full root access which allows you to configure your server exactly as you want it. This is something that is lacking with regular shared hosting.

Managing Your Hostgator VPS

To control your Hostgator VPS, all packages are managed using the Parallels Power Panel. Within this control panel, you can easily control every aspect of your VPS server. For example, you monitor all your server’s resource usage and view all the running your running processes which is very helpful for troubleshooting. If you do ever experience any issues, you can restart your server by yourself, without having to submit a support request. Other useful features include the ability to create and restore backups, install custom software, and even have SSH access within the control panel.

Parallels Power Panel

Of course the big thing you get when you order a Hostgator VPS package is their world class support. Response to help tickets is super fast, and the support staff is extremely professional and patient. If you are coming from the world of shared hosting, you’ll find that managing your VPS might be a little more daunting to run. But that’s helped by the fact that Hostgator’s 24/7 support allows you to ask and get answers to your questions really quickly.

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