How to Know When It’s Time to Switch Hosts

It’s a sad fact that some hosts just won’t fit your needs, but it can be tricky identifying when it’s time to move on. Many of us sign up for our first web host only because we got a fantastic deal and didn’t understand exactly what we would need for the long haul. While no one wants to be hit with fees for ending their hosting contract early, it can be necessary. It’s better to choose the right host for your needs than it is to stick with one that is giving you problems. In this guide, we’ll discuss the right reasons to switch hosts, and how you can make the change the right way.

When Should You NOT Try To Find A New Host?

First, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t switch hosts. If you’re just tired of paying for your package, but the service, support, and reliability are fine, you might be switching to a new webhost for the wrong reasons. You have probably already paid for a full contract term so are you willing to be stuck in that contract and commit to a new one as well? Not only will you face the usual pains of server migration, but you are paying extra when you don’t really need to.

Why Would I Want to Switch Web Hosts?

There are many reasons, but the most common reason should be that you need to room to grow and your hosting
just isn’t cutting it any more. The most popular reasons are:

Hosting Plan Problems

When you sign up for hosting, you pick a specific plan and we’re all promised a certain amount of resources for our monthly fee. Often our host just doesn’t live up to all the promises it makes, and sometimes they just outright lie about their “unlimited” capabilities. If you’re having problems getting all the features you were promised when you signed up, it might be time to switch web hosts.


Does your site go down often? Every minute your site is down is a lost return visitor you might never get back. If people can’t access your website, they won’t return and keep you in mind for future visits. While mosts hosts will promise 99.9% uptime, this is rarely the case except for the best web hosting companies. Call them out on their uptime guarantees and see if you can get a discount off your package. If you don’t want to keep dealing with your reliability issues and can’t get the host to resolve them, then it might be time to switch web hosts.

Hidden Costs

Most web hosts will hit you with overage charges if we go over your plan limits. While this can be fine if you expect it, you might be in for some sticker shock if you haven’t researched your web hosting plan’s overages carefully. Especially for things like bandwidth, where it could be quite easy to go over your plan’s limits without noticing. If you find yourself consistently going over your plan’s limits, and the overages for your current host are high, you might want to shop around and see if another host offers a better deal for your site’s usage patterns.

Poor Support

One of the major reasons people give up on their hosts and make a switch is poor support. When your site is down, when you can’t access your email, you need help fast! Are you able to reach your host with a variety of options like phone, email, and livechat? Are you often frustrated because you just can’t get ahold of someone to help you with your hosting problems? If so, it’s time to find a new host. The best web hosts like Knownhost will respond to your support requests in minutes, not hours or days like some understaffed web hosts will.

Now you know the right and wrong reasons to switch hosts. By choosing the best new web host, you can avoid the headaches and growing pains that we all faced with our first webhost.

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