How To Setup WordPress On Your Web Host

One of the main reasons people buy web hosting is to setup their own blog. So in this post, I’m going to show you how to setup WordPress on any domain on your web host. WordPress is easily the most popular blogging platform out there today, and it’s really easy to learn.

Setup WordPress With Fantastico

The easiest way to setup WordPress is by using the Fantastico one-click installer. If you have Fantastico installed, then you can access it by logging into your cPanel.

Fantastico and cPanel

Inside Fantastico, you will see WordPress listed under Blogs. Click on it, and on the next page click on the New Installation link.

The most important part here is the Install on domain dropdown. If you have multiple domains in your web hosting account, make sure to select the specific domain that you want to install WordPress on.

Setup WordPress

For Install in directory, you will usually leave this field blank in general, unless you want to install WordPress in a subdirectory.

The rest of the Install WordPress wizard is pretty self explanatory. Just make sure to enter in an admin user name and password that you can remember. The other things like Site Name and Description you can change later on after WordPress is installed.

Click the Install WordPress button and you will be taken to the next screen which shows you which MySQL DB it’s going to install your blog to and your new blog. Don’t forget to click the Finish installation button to actually complete the install!

As you can see, it’s quite simple. to setup WordPress with Fantastico. What’s nice, is that Fantastic is installed by default on most of the best web hosts. So if you are interested in starting up your own blog, try these steps yourself and get WordPress installed.

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