How to Start Your Online Empire on a Budget

Many of us dream of starting up a website, but most of us don’t know where to start or how much money we’ll need. Since a startup can be a great risk, you might be tempted to go with the cheapest options that you can find; in the long run, this will only hurt you. By understanding what your needs are, you won’t have to sacrifice features to your hungry budget, and you won’t worry about breaking contracts later. In this article, we’ll be going over the two best options for new webmasters: Shared hosting and VPS hosting. Understanding the feature and price differences between the two can make or break your website.

Why Should I Choose Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting plans are among the most available and cheapest options you’ll run into when looking for a web host online. Shared hosting is where many of your web hosts clients share the resources of a single server. This kind of hosting is great for people who have blogs, small personal and even ecommerce and retail sites because it’s super cost effective and easy to administer. However, it can become a problem if you choose a package that is too underpowered to meet your growing needs later.

The first thing to look for in shared hosting is reliability and uptime. Unfortunately you can’t trust most web hosts on their uptime numbers. Of course almost web host advertises 99.9% or 100% uptime. Realistically, every month you’re looking at a few minutes of downtime with every host. No one can guarantee against hardware failure or regular network maintenance. What you want to avoid are the web hosts that are down for hours at a time, several times a month.

If you can’t trust the web hosts themselves, then who can you trust? The best place to determine reliability is from other customers. Check out a reputable forum like where you can find more honest reviews. Also, most hosts have their own forums for their customers. Browse their customer forum before you join and see if there are tons of complaints about downtime.

If you just need a more affordable host without needing a lot of resources, you should definitely look at shared hosting. Low traffic blogs and static sites are perfect for this type of hosting. For the best shared hosting, I would recommend taking a look at Hostgator. They have the best support of any shared web host I’ve tried, and they’re very reliable as well.

Why Should I Choose VPS Hosting?

If you have high traffic sites, or need to run a resource intensive script like Prosper202, then you might want to look at a Virtual Private Server or VPS. A VPS gives you most the benefits of Dedicated Servers, without the high costs and setup fees. Of course they do cost more then shared hosting plans, but for a good reason. You get more control and more resources.

If your sites get a lot of traffic, or you run scripts that consume a lot of memory, then you need the increased memory, CPU, and bandwidth that VPS plans provide. Plus, you’re isolated from other customers on a VPS. That’s because virtualization technology makes it appear that you have your own server, with your own separate operating system, software and everything. While you’re still technically sharing your server, with other accounts, that’s completely transparent to you. You can even reboot your own server, without affecting anybody else.

If you are looking for the best VPS web hosts I would recommend looking at KnownHost. The price is right, and the reliability and support you get from them are great.

So now you know how to start your online empire on a budget! The key to getting the best deal on whichever server package you choose is to do your research and understand your actual needs for getting your website online.

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