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KnownHost is certainly one of more popular web hosts out there for those looking for VPS (and Hybrid/Dedicated) server hosting. If you browse around the WebHostingTalk forums, you can see that it is one of the web hosts that gets recommended quite a bit, and you’ll find many favorable reviews from forum members as well. KnownHost has been in the hosting business since 2005, and they have datacenters in both Texas and California.

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KnownHost VPS Plans

KnownHost has 5 different VPS plans, VS1 to VS5. I just recently purchased one of their VS2 servers and it gives me 768 MB RAM, 40 GB diskspace, and 2GB of bandwidth. With cPanel installed (+$5/mo), the total cost comes out to $40 a month, which is a really good deal for a VPS. Compare that to WiredTree, where a similar plan will cost you $70 a month.

If you don’t want cPanel, you can opt to install Plesk or DirectAdmin for the same $5 a month extra. Servers come pre-installed with CentOS, and you get 2 dedicated IP addresses. To manage the VPS itself, you’ll get access to Parallels Power Panel. From there you can see all the resources your VPS is using and you can even restart your server from here if you need to.

KnownHost Power Panel

My KnownHost Experience

I’ve only had my KnownHost account for a couple of months now, but so far I’ve only had one real issue with them. At one point, I couldn’t access my site, even though it was actually still up and running. After talking to support, it turned out my IP address had been banned because they said a port scan had been detected from my IP. Which is strange, since it doesn’t seem like something I did, but they promptly resolved this issue right away after I contacted them.

Otherwise, support has been fantastic as advertised. I’ve sent a total of 13 messages to KnownHost support and response times have ranged from 5 to 15 minutes which is excellent. The reason I moved this particular site over to KnownHost in the first place is because the support times at my old host took as long as several hours to a day.

I have not had any issues with uptime yet, although I haven’t been with KnownHost long enough to accurately form an true opinion on their reliability.

Overall, I am quite happy with KnownHost so far. They offer great support, at reasonable prices which are two of the main things you look for in any of the top VPS web hosts. Read what others have to say about KnownHost as well, but I would definitely recommend them based on my experience with them so far.

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Dan April 13, 2012 at 6:40 pm
Reliability & Uptime

Hello everyone,

I have been a customer of Knownhost for over 5 years now. I have also been with numerous other hosts, both VPS and shared, for roughly 10 years prior to that. With those other hosts (with one exception) there would be a degradation not only of performance of the server but also of the technical support received. With Knownhost I have not seen any of this degradation other than what you would expect from running the same computer for nearly 5 years non-stop.

Are they perfect? Of course not. They have to rely on their data centers and their uplines just like everyone else does. And they are human too of course. The largest period of downtime that I have witnessed was due to the fact that a fail-over switch at one of their data centers failed which caused some lengthy downtime. But they did their best to keep customers informed and pushed the data center as hard as they could to get repairs done. The next longest downtime I can remember was, perhaps, a couple of hours. A few other shorter ones too of course (we all know that it happens). But for overall uptime they have been leaps and bounds better than any other host I have been with.

Now for technical support. Again, perfect? Of course not. They’re human! I have submitted more trouble tickets than I can even remember and sometimes they might misunderstand or something but it’s just like anything else, communications is key. Continue to discuss the problem with them and they will eventually figure out where you’re trying to go. But that is the rare occasion, the norm is that I shoot a ticket in and it’s answered and being worked upon within minutes if not right away and the resolution follows very shortly after that. They will even help with installation of other software onto the VPS and help you troubleshoot it if you have problems. I have never had another host do that as they would always say that they will only support what they supply on the VPS.

Performance of the VPS. As stated earlier I had my first with them for nearly 5 years. And it ran pretty much all the time during all of those 5 years. With a few hiccups of course but they were very few and far between. And I was always happy with the performance that I got out of it as were the numerous clients that I have on it. Recently that version of CentOS reached End of Life so I purchased another VPS with the latest version and it’s performance has even been better!

At the time that I moved to Knownhost their prices were quite good. I’ve run across some now that are cheaper but as far as I’m concerned you get what you pay for and I am extremely happy as I DO get what I pay for.

PS: Knownhost is the ONLY company that I know of that has actually given their customers Christmas presents! This last Christmas they increased the memory for EVERY VPS. And a couple of years back they increased the disk space for EVERY VPS. Does your host do THAT?


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