Setting the Correct Timezone For Your Web Host

Have you every wondered why the time on your web host didn’t match your local time? It wasn’t something I had thought about much before, until I was running a particular php script on my web host. I was looking at the time it was displaying and I realized to my annoyance, that it wasn’t set to my timezone.

If you are on a VPS (or dedicated server), changing the time zone is quite simple if you have cPanel/WHM. Just login, and go to Server Configuration > Server Time.

cPanel/WHM - Change Server Time

On that page, you will see a dropdown where you can select your timezone. Click the ‘Change Timezone’ button and your selected timezone will be selected for your server.

cPanel/WHM - Change Server Time

What about setting your timezone for shared hosting? Unfortunately, you can’t do this through cPanel/WHM like you can with a VPS. Since many other people are sharing your server, it doesn’t make sense to allow people to change the timezone for the server.

What you can do however is add a directive to the .htaccess file in your ~/public_html directory. This will allow your scripts and webpages to use the proper time.

Using FTP or SSH, open up ~/public_html/.htaccess (or create a new file if it doesn’t exist) and add the following line:

SetEnv TZ America/Los_Angeles

You can replace the bolded part with your appropriate time zone by looking here:

Now you know how to change the timezone for your web host. I hope some of you found it useful.

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