Using The Pingdom Full Page Test Tool

Are your web pages loading too slowly? One of the coolest web tools I’ve played with is the Pingdom Full Page Test tool. If you head on over to their webpage, you can input in your url, and the tool will simulate how your page is loaded in a web browswer. It will load all your HTML, CSS, Javascript, RSS, and Flash and give you the size and load times for each.

The tool gives you a nice graphical display of the various elements on your page. On the left hand side is a timeline which shows the load time of each object. On the right is the size of a particular element. Results can be sorted by a variety of factors, including load order and load time.

Pingdom Fullpage Test

This allows you to more easily identify problems spots with your page and to fix them. Perhaps you have a large Javascript file that you could minify, or a bunch of images that could be further compressed. All these problems can be more easily identified by using this tool.

If you scroll down to the bottom, you will also get a summary of the results, including your total page loading time, number of objects and more.

Pingdom Full Page Test Summary

It’s becoming more and more important to optimize your page loading times if you can. Google has already said that page load times is one of the many ranking factors they look at when determining the search engine rankings of your site. Plus, the faster your site loads, the better the user experience for your users.

The Pingdom Full Page Test Tool is free to use, so make sure to give it a try.

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