What Are Hybrid Servers?

VPS servers and Dedicated servers are probably web hosting concepts you are already familiar with. But what exactly are Hybrid servers? Not every web hosting company offers Hybrid server plans, so you might not know what they are.

I actually didn’t know anything about them either. However, two hosting companies I’m currently with, WiredTree and KnownHost both offer Hybrid Server plans so I decided to do some more research into them to see what they are all about.

Essentially, Hybrid servers are basically souped up VPS servers. In terms of resources you will get more RAM, diskspace and bandwidth than the highest VPS plan. A WiredTree Hybrid Server for example, starts out at 2GB of RAM, 100GB diskspace and 3000GB of bandwidth.

The key advantage of Hybrid servers though is CPU usage. VPS servers utilize a “fair share” method of sharing the CPU with other VPS accounts on your server. With a Hybrid server, you are guaranteed at least one CPU core for yourself. This should result better performance for you server as it isolates you from others on your server.

Hardware wise, Hybrid servers are not necessarily more powerful than VPS servers. KnownHost for example uses the same hardware for both (Dual CPU Quad Core Xeon 5620, RAID 10, 32+GB RAM.). However, on KnownHost, they only put 4-8 Hybrid accounts on a server, compared with 15-20 accounts on a VPS server.

As you can see, a Hybrid Server is really just a more powerful VPS. If you feel you are outgrowing your current VPS hosting plan, then make sure to consider a Hybrid server if your web host offers it.

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